KEDA.Z FENG is the Founder and principle of KEDA.Z Photography Gallery. He is from Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Keda.z has received numerous awards from International and Asia for his photographic works since 2009. Only a short period of two years, he has become the most awarded wedding & portrait photographer in Malaysia. In 2010, Keda.z obtained Licentiate and Associate level of qualification from Master Photographers Association, United Kingdom. In the same year, he has won multiple master photography awards for his work, including overseas Fashion & Beauty of the Year, Classical Wedding of the Year & Classical Portrait of the Year award in United Kingdom. Apart from this, Keda.z was awarded Emerging Talent of the Year & Print of the Year award by the Wedding & Portrait Photographers Malaysia (WPPM). In 2011, once again and most recently has won Print of the Year and awarded The Best Male Photographer of the Year (WPPM). In 2011 March, he was the only Malaysian named as Malaysia's Top Award Winner by Master Photography magazine. In the same year of October, Keda.z was bestowed the tittle of Rest of The World Porfolio Photographer of the Year by the MPA in New Castle (Master Photographers Association,UK).

In 2011 November, Keda.z has achieved the Fellow level of Master Photographers Association, the highest qualification within the Association. The award is made for excellence in photographic technique and interpretation. The photographer having exhibited an individual, innovative, artistic and creative style in their submission demonstrating that they are at the leading edge in the art of photography. In February 2012, Keda.z was named as Top 30 Signature Weddings Photographer in ASIA. In the short period of 3 years, Keda.z has won over 101 photography awards from (WPPI, MPA UK, WPPM, Creative Asia) internationally and Asia.

Keda.z is a rising star of photographer and speaker in Malaysia. He was invited to be overseas guest speaker and judger at Wedding & Portrait Photographers of Philippines (WPPP) convention and print competition. Keda.z offers a range of sold out seminars, master-class and workshops worldwide to an ever growing fan base eager to learn from him and be inspired by his success and attitude.

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