Short Term Rental Project in Tembeling Resort,Kuantan
Location grey Kuantan
Completed 800 - 1200 sqft Condo / Apartment Kitchen Living Living Room Dining Room Bedroom Study Modern Carpentry Painting Electrical Curtain Furniture Ceiling

Welcome to the Short Term Rental Project at Tembeling Resort, Kuantan, brought to you by Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (HQ).
Immerse yourself in the beauty of contemporary interior design through this stunning photo album.
From the sleek modern kitchen with rich browns and crisp whites to the elegant bedrooms adorned with warm wooden accents, each space reflects a perfect blend of style and comfort.
The minimalistic aesthetic, complemented by ambient lighting and tasteful furniture, creates an inviting atmosphere throughout the condo/apartment.
Explore this modern treasure showcasing the expertise of Klaasmen Sdn Bhd in carpentry, ceiling work, painting, and more.