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Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) is a company that takes pride in offering quality-controlled turnkey project solutions (QCTPS) for homeowners' dream homes. Established over 8 years ago, Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) has made a name for ourselves as a team of versatile professionals who can deliver unique designs tailored to each client's preferences.

Our mission is clear and inspiring - to design and build the ideal homes for our clients with a passion for concept and quality by providing the best services possible. We do not believe in fixed formats or signatures and believe that every home should bring out the unique character of the owner.

The team at Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) is passionate about bringing out the essence of every home with heart and creative vision. We can build functional hardware within reasonable budgets, but our focus is always on delivering a home that truly reflects the owner's personality.

Our team has served clients in Our service team are ready to serve clients within the vicinity of Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya), Negeri Sembilan (Seremban), Pahang (Kuantan, Pekan, Temerloh, Mentakab & Triang), Terengganu (Kemaman, Kertih, Dungun & Kuala Terengganu) and Thailand (Bangkok).

Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) has received glowing praise from our customers, with one customer noting that we were "very responsive and very easy to work with. Can give good suggestions and advice."

If you're in search of a team of versatile professionals who can turn your dream home into a reality, Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) is the perfect service provider for you. With our passion for concept and quality, each design is tailored to the client's preference to ensure that your home will bring out a unique character. Trust Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) with your dream home and watch your vision come to life.


Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) adalah sebuah syarikat yang berbangga dalam menawarkan penyelesaian projek kunci kepada mereka yang ingin memiliki rumah impian yang terkawal kualitinya (QCTPS). Didirikan lebih daripada 8 tahun yang lalu, Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) telah mencipta nama bagi diri sendiri sebagai pasukan profesional yang serba boleh yang mampu memberikan reka bentuk unik yang disesuaikan dengan setiap keinginan pelanggan.

Misi kami adalah jelas dan menginspirasikan - untuk merancang dan membina rumah idaman untuk pelanggan dengan semangat konsep dan kualiti dengan menyediakan perkhidmatan terbaik. Kami tidak percaya pada format tetap atau tandatangan dan percaya bahawa setiap rumah harus mencerminkan watak unik pemilik.

Pasukan di Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) mempunyai semangat untuk mengungkapkan kepakaran setiap rumah dengan hati dan visi kreatif. Kami boleh membina perkakasan yang berfungsi dalam bajet yang munasabah, tetapi tumpuan kami sentiasa terletak pada memberikan sebuah rumah yang benar-benar mencerminkan personaliti pemilik.

Pasukan kami telah melayani pelanggan di Lembah Klang (Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya), Negeri Sembilan (Seremban), Pahang (Kuantan, Pekan, Temerloh, Mentakab & Triang), Terengganu (Kemaman, Kertih, Dungun & Kuala Terengganu) dan Thailand (Bangkok).

Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) telah menerima pujian yang mengagumkan dari pelanggan kami, dengan seorang pelanggan mencatat bahawa kami "sangat responsif dan mudah bekerja dengan kami. Boleh memberikan saranan dan nasihat yang baik."

Jika anda sedang mencari pasukan profesional yang serba boleh untuk menjadikan rumah impian anda menjadi kenyataan, Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) adalah pembekal perkhidmatan yang sempurna untuk anda. Dengan semangat kami terhadap konsep dan kualiti, setiap reka bentuk disesuaikan dengan keinginan pelanggan untuk memastikan bahawa rumah anda akan mencerminkan watak unik. Percayakan Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (Hq) dengan rumah impian anda dan saksikan visi anda menjadi hidup.

23 Album for Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (HQ)

One KL - Hotel Living at Home

One KL, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur

1/21 Modern dining room by Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (HQ) at BJB Height Residences, Melaka, blending natural tones with chic elegance. Wooden textures dominate the backdrop, complemented by a sleek black dining set and gold accents. An intricate display shelving unit adds sophistication while indoor plants introduce a touch of greenery, epitomizing contemporary Malaysian interior design.
BJB Height Residences, Melaka

BJB Height Residences, Melaka

1/31 This elegant bathroom by Klaasmen Sdn Bhd features an industrial style with chic Kuala Lumpur flair. Dark wood flooring contrasts with a luxurious white freestanding bathtub, encased by sleek glass partitions and black metal frames. A wooden ladder towel rack and warm lighting accent the space, highlighting built-in shelving and décor with lush greenery, creating a modern sanctuary that harmonizes urban edge and tranquility.
Estilo Industrial, Kuala lumpur

Estilo Industrial, Kuala lumpur

1/24 This stylish dining room showcases Klaasmen Sdn Bhd's expertise in creating a minimalist yet vintage atmosphere at BJB Height Residences in Melaka. The space is designed with a cohesive color palette of earthy tones and features sleek furniture with clean lines. A trendy built-in cabinet displays curated decor, accentuated by strategically placed lighting, complementing the room's sophisticated and uncluttered aesthetic. True to their core services, the design perfectly balances concept, space planning, and quality furnishings.
BJB Height Residences, Melaka

BJB Height Residences, Melaka

1/46 Chic bedroom designed by Klaasmen Sdn Bhd, featuring a blend of contemporary and vintage European flair, as part of the Hermoso Residences in Kuantan, Pahang. The space boasts a combination of soft and rich tones, an artistic feature wall, a spherical decorative headboard, and tasteful lighting adding to its luxurious aesthetic.
Hermoso Residences

Tanjung Lumpur, Pahang

4 Reviews for Klaasmen Sdn Bhd (HQ)


janety22 November 2021, 14:23

Very responsive and very easy to work with. Can give good suggestions and advice.

Excellent Service Fast And Efficient Helpful and Friendly Responsive

Andrea20 November 2015, 23:55

I have worked with several Interior designers but none delivered good results. A friend recommended Homebox and I gave it a go. I did not regret my decision ever since, Homebox indeed delivered what they promised and most importantly, their are very attentive and passionate in what they do to fulfill my requirements. Keep it up!


Peter Lai19 October 2015, 23:25

Homebox is very detailed in their planning and good in design. They are thoughtful in their design with practicality in mind.

They delivered the renovation on time and continued their after renovation service. Overall I am very happy with their service


Wong18 October 2015, 22:25

Their service is very good. Design too because I was told it is by Thai designers. Workmanship wise, they are quite good. However, the job is delayed by 3 weeks but I am happy with the outcome. Most importantly is they are very responsible.

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