by Karim 10 days

"The service is good so is the communication "

by Marc 27 days

"I am neutral on 'value' because this business was the only one I referred to when seeking a price for part and services. I just don't know if they were good value or not. But for the rest, they kept in touch, turned up when they said they would and did the job properly. "

by Fizie Haidi about 1 month

"Fast repair and reliable"

by Kheng Leong 2 months

"Service is good. Arrangement for delivery of fixed TV and updating on statusof repair could be better"

by Muniratulakmal 3 months

"give respond fast and finish the job in the expected time. good service too!! recommended!"

by CASEY 3 months


by Helen 3 months

"Very fast & efficient"

by Muniratulakmal 3 months

"Fast respond and service also good."

by Patrick 3 months

"fixed my tv quickly and efficiently. they were pleasant and professional"

by Premkumar 4 months

"Good service and advise by Mr Edward ans Ms Lily"

by HU 4 months

"The vendor fullfil majority of my need"

by Zech 5 months

"Good service and get the job done."

by Mona 5 months

"Very helpful and attentive. Prompt service & good value. "

by ADAM 5 months

"They have been quick to respond and update on the repair services progress.

by Lawrence 5 months

"Edward is a very careful person, he handle my 65' Tv with care and done a good repair with authentic parts. Thumbs Up for this guy!"

by Mohd hafiz 5 months

"Good service"

by Alex 5 months

"Eward and his team was very efficient and professional."

by Mira 6 months

"Tv was fixed just in a day with 31 days warranty. Received my tv back today just after it was taken yesterday to be fixed. Edward and lily were so easy to deal with and they were very efficient. Not sure about the price but the service and the time efficiency are top notch. So recommended. "

by Jonas 6 months

"They are friendly in their profession "

Edward replied 6 months ago

"thank you Jonas. "

by Alex 6 months

"I first time user and have bad experience from them. I booked from recommend.my and clearly specify that I will need the service during lunch time(11 to 1pm). After they accepted my request and I received their contact no. I immediately call them up that 12.30 I am available. But if can, can they come earlier. Maybe i request work from home. Then after a few phone calls here and there and they say 10am already got ppl booked them. So cannot and I thought they will come at the time I specified. In the end maybe they think i really quite urgent and cannot find other Ppl to do my job they around 11 something night message me they will come at 1.30 to 2.30pm. And they will call me before they come. Woooh I need to actually follow their time. Remember that I booked from here is lunch time. Really not professional. If you cannot make it don't force and don't take the job and waste u and my time "

Edward replied 6 months ago

"Below is our conversation record: 10/07/2019 8:31pm (duration 1minutes 01 second) U ask : Hi , my fridge was problem, can you come tonight ? Answer: tonight is already late , i cant to make it. U ask : Can you make it tomorrow 12:30pm ? Because this hour is my lunch hour. Answer: if your hour is 12:30pm only free , let me arrange my time and get you know the exact time and hour i can reach. 9:59pm (duration is 36seconds) U ask: Can u come to my house early than 12:30pm ? Like morning time Answer: i can come tomorrow at evening hour. Morning time i was at another place. Before i come i let you know and giving you a call. U said: Thank you, i think i no need already. Time need to match with each other but not only match time with your own set. I have mention 1 day early i can come at 1:30-2:30Pm. But u reply , thank you and no need. Time - 1 day is 24 hours i know. Our working hour is on Monday to Sunday 8:00Am - 8:00pm Waste - after schedule but not made it , what we call waste. I have dont waste each other time. Thank you your comment and we will make better. Finally, if you still feel that you still need it, we welcome you to call again."

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