Simple and Minimalist Condo Design at Sky Suites KLCC
Location grey Sky Suites KLCC
Completed Below 800 sqft Condo / Apartment Kids Bedroom Small Kitchen Kitchen Dining Room Bedroom Living Room Minimalist Carpentry Flooring Painting White Brown Yellow

Welcome to the Simple and Minimalist Condo Design at Sky Suites KLCC photo album by KTB Design Solution.
Explore the beauty of a contemporary city living in these below 800 sqft spaces.
With a focus on clean lines and neutral tones, KTB Design Solution showcases their expertise in bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and living room designs.
From warm wooden accents to sleek furniture and modern lighting, this album captures the essence of minimalist interior design.
Discover the serene and sophisticated ambiance created through the combination of white, brown, and yellow hues, as well as meticulous carpentry work, flooring choices, and painting techniques.
Immerse yourself in the understated luxury and elegance brought to life by KTB Design Solution.