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Cantik! Finishing pun kemas! Thanks!!!


I think Arie really put his heart in working things out. Really appreciate it. The ceiling is nicely done too. I wouldn't be able to get the wardrobe I have with the money I paid if I were to get it from IKEA. Maybe just an 8 feet with lesser compartments. Million thanks to Leesa! The kitchen surface is also done amazingly, thanks to Zul. They are really pro.

Feel syukur things turn out to be quite nice. Thanks for all your hard work!

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Don't have time to fully monitor the work at home as I am rarely at KL. But Azmi mentioned to us the work you guys delivered is good!

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Laju korang buat kerja.. Thumbs up!!!

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Dah kenal awak dah tau hasil keja awak camne..insya allah akk akn call lg & rekomen kat kkwn atau saudara mara yg nak guna khidmat awak..Akk doakan awak murah rezeki..insya allah..

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Nicely done Leesa! InsyaAllah kalau ada future nak buat apa2 kita contact lagi.


Not happy with workmanship and other issues

Arie replied over 3 years ago

Hi Ahmad, Thank you for your feedback. As we understand from Recommend.my, the roof leaking issue is still happening and there are some other areas which you are not too happy about. We are sorry that this causes the inconvenience to you. We are happy to rectify these issues however we are unable to reach out to you. Do contact us back when you can so we can set an appointment to understand the problems further and to rectify them? Thank you. Regards, Leesa

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