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Lamex Wallcoverings is the largest and oldest wallcoverings company in Malaysia. Established in 1994, here at Lamex, we strive for excellence and passionately believe and hold as our highest principle the concept that "wallpaper is a creative form of self-expression"

Currently, we operate a network of galleries, showrooms and retail stores in Kuala Lumpur, and a wide sales and service network, which include more than 1,000 distributors throughout Malaysia such as various department stores, hyper markets, home decor stores and individual interior designers.

Our success is attributed in our emphasis on quality, service and innovation and our ultimate objective is to not only allowing our potential customers to decorate their homes and living quarters; but essentially allowing them to define their homes.

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Teik Man

Wife and I decided to get wallpaper done for the house as 1st time customers. We were referred to try LAMEX. Their prices were not expensive and we were able to get wallpaper done wihtin 1 week. Home looks very different. Recommend LAMEX.

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