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At Lebeau Interior, we work with you from start to end to craft the dream abode that you have in mind. Interior design can change the experience and leaving you a lasting impression. The intersection of different backgrounds and working methods gives us a unique way of approaching projects. Our signature composition is one of minimalism that exudes warmth and encourages togetherness.

There are no jobs too big or too small for us. Customers decide the needs, style and budget. We provide high quality workmanship to complete the job within budget and schedule exceeding customers’ expectations. We are a customer oriented and focused on delivering an excellent service to you.

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"The price was reasonable. However, whether you are looking for contractor in real life and via recommend, the problem we faced is no different. The job progress was slow, the main con sub out the project to Indonesian sub contractor and the Indonesian worker was often late or no show. Very stressful to deal with the situation. A simple refurbishment that can be done within 1 week was drag on to almost 2 weeks. Labor in construction line is challenging to fine. Despite the owner of Art Solution is trying their best to provide good service but situation is out of their control. The owner of Art Solution is quite responsive, flexible and helpful. But overall this experience was not of a pleasent one. " —suanne32901

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"We had a fantastic time working with Kingsley from Lebeau Interior. This was our first home and renovation can be an overwhelming undertaking. However, their team made it an easy and a delightful process. Kingsley was accommodating to every issue that needed to be rectified. They really understood what we wanted and delivered it as shown in their 3D renderings. Even all our family and friends agree that the house is simply homely. Thank you Lebeau Interior for making our home truly ours." —YiYin Phan

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"I highly recommend LBI. We wanted a company that was reliable and had the same aesthetic as us. Kingsley Lim, the creative director, has been very hands on since day 1. He takes the time to listen and understand what the client wants. Any problems faced, he and his team would be on hand to resolve the problem. He gives very good suggestions/recommendations and is very responsive to my messages. Overall, I am very pleased with LBI’s services and professionalism." —Daphne Lee

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