by puvana over 3 years

" It was good actually and they willing to give the price I requested. Very good service. I still remember I communicate with them at night time to request what I want for the pattern and all, they responded immediately and willing to deliver the cake to me as well. Very happy."

by Jamie about 4 years

"Both Eileen n Kobee the owners and bakers I supposed are very creative and flexible with ideas. Very committed and provide total peace of mind to my order."

by Lazwani about 4 years

"They are really professional at their work and I will definitely use their services again in future"

by Rosdiana about 4 years

"Tasty cake! Design n time delivered as promised! Value for money "

by Ai about 4 years

"I've hired Leenie's bakery in the end and was very satisfied with their finished product. They respond pretty quick and was able to answer to my query and understood my needs better than I do and that's a very special value added element to customers like us who don't know any better when it comes to this. :) They have also delivered the cake ahead of schedule and to the right place.

Overall - very satisfied with their product and service."

by Debbie over 4 years

"It's not a cake I've ordered, it's an amazing artwork. The birthperson even wanted to preserve it instead of eating it hahaha. Though the cake tastes regular, we thought it's suitable for diabetic patients as it is not very sweet. The baker is very passionate and helpful you can even let her do the design - I got mine 1 night before the celebration and it didn't disappoint me :)"

by Fennel over 4 years

"My family and especially my birthday girl were so happy to received such specially design and cute cake. My girl likes the Doraemon very much & treat as her new toy. The cake taste good and no so sweet as per request, my parent like it. Surrounding familys and friends praise the cake design is owesome + delivery service with reasonable price.Thumbs up!!"

by Alison over 4 years

"the designs were spectacular and exactly how i envisioned it to be. seller was punctual and courteous. wonderful! "

by Lau Wan over 4 years

"I am very very please with the superb service and the cake itself! Friendly, quick response and the beautiful & tasty cake that is made with much thoughts !I am definitely going back to them for my parties next time! "

by WenYen almost 5 years

"Feel so glad that I could find Leenie's bakery and gave the wonderful bday cake for my daughter. Definitely will order again in future and intro to my friends. Good job!"

by Siew Foong almost 5 years

"Thanks for the cake. We love the figurines and its well kept as a remembrance. "

by Geowin almost 5 years

"Being one of the most well known custom cake baker in klang, I find leenie's bakery's pricing very reasonable. And I once requested for a delivery service to my party venue, without failing me, leenie's bakery's stood up and reached on time."

by Tien Hou almost 5 years

"Awesome cakes , Awesome design and Awesome taste. Ordered several times and Very satisfied and highly recommendable. She does custom design to according to what you ask. Thanks Leenie for the great cakes!"

by Chloe almost 5 years

"Bought from Leenie's bakery several times and I'm impressed with the cakes! She can make all the designs that I wanted and it's better than my expectations. More so, the taste of the cake is so delicious! Kids, teenagers and adults love both the design n the taste! Highly recommended."

by Beii almost 5 years

"I've bought cakes from Leenie several occasions and she have been nothing but sweet to work with. Just let her know the occassion and the ideas you like and she will please you with her creation! If you are looking for an unique cake for a special occasion, definitely look for Leenie's Bakery! Thanks again for such great service and cakes!!"

Eileen replied almost 5 years ago

"thanks so much for the kind review. Much love, Leenie's Bakery"

by Alvin almost 5 years

"Leenies bakery is one of the best homegrown bakeries up and coming in this country. They deliver the smiles promised. I would highly recommend Leenie for a birthday party, hens night, office function, special occasions or even a wedding cake. The owner is jovial and fun. Getting to know her has been a blast and the quality gets better and better. Definitely someone I will keep going back to in years to come. "

Eileen replied almost 5 years ago

"thanks so much for the kind review. Much love, Leenie's Bakery"

by Little almost 5 years

"Because Leenie's can make WONDERFUL SPECIAL cake as required. They using fresh ingredients to make the cake taste YUMMY, they had a very creative baker, the MOST attractive is their price is REALLY cheap & definately reasonable compare with others. That's why my whole family members & friends LOVE their cake VERY MUCH...Keep it up, Leenie's..."

Eileen replied almost 5 years ago

"thanks so much for the kind review. Much love, Leenie's Bakery"

by lee almost 5 years

"Leenie's Bakery really does bring smile to my family's face! The baker has been so patient to listen and understand what cake we wanted and made it happen. The design was adorable and it was delicious too! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cake, especially for memorable and special occasion! "

Eileen replied almost 5 years ago

"thanks so much for the kind review. Much love, Leenie's Bakery "

by Chrislynn almost 5 years

"My son love the cake so much and is so creative and so special. ..the price is resonnable ! Thumb up on it!!!"

Eileen replied almost 5 years ago

"thanks so much for the kind review. Much love, Leenie's Bakery"

Little replied almost 5 years ago

"My whole family members LOVE Leenie's Bakery's cakes VERY MUCH. They love their creative & special design, taste delicious & YUMMY..The MOST IMPORTANT is they using FRESH ingredients, price is reasonable n cheap compare with others...I HIGHLY recommended Leenie's Bakery if you looking for SPECIAL cake....KEEP IT UP, Leenie's...."

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