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LikesBeforeLove.com helps businesses and individuals to grow their Facebook pages. Whether you're a model, blogger, working professional, online store owner, restaurant or retail shop owner, we help you to grow your page - and avoid having irrelevant likes. We specialise in getting you high

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Skinny Buddies Entertainment is an emerging Concert Promoter and Events Curator, with the help of "Like Before Love" we have managed to grow our FB page from 0-5000 and counting within a short 3 Months. It is no only the no.of LIKES but the right target audience based on Demographics and Psychographics. It is Social Media Marketing Done Right!

Yeap Eu

Josh is proactive in thinking for the client, not just on facebook likes but also help gave suggestions & other value added services.to help his client grow. Recommended to engage his services, affordable & effective for startups, new celebrities, Have introduce him to fitworx, & few other service line. Keep it up Josh!


Josh has helped me run some successful Facebook ad campaigns that brought good traction to my clients' pages. Recommended service!

Jes Min replied over 7 years ago

Inba thanks for the comment! Do you think I should meet up with him then?

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