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Little Collins Cakery & Cafe is a family owned & run business since 2003. Named after a street in Melbourne, Australia, Little Collins Cakery & Cafe combines a bakery and cafe all in one!

Not your everyday run-of-the-mill cake shop, we offer customers a variety of "tea cakes": assorted mini tarts, cheesecakes, cream puffs, chocolate eclairs, cupcakes and even Australian Lamingtons filled with dark chocolate instead of jam)!

Little Collins Cakery & Cafe offers "custom made" services including custom made cakes to suit your every need. We also offer our popular finger food menu to suit your party needs! Open daily 8am-8pm

"The kids love the Dinosaur cupcakes. Not only they look good but they taste good too. Awesome!" —Willy

"This may be slightly biased because she's a family member, but Frances makes every single cake with utmost precision and perfection. I ordered a cake for my best friend's 22nd birthday and she loved it. My boyfriend customised a peony/pony cake for me and it was absolutely stunning. Of course, the red velvet is always moist and to die for. The new Bailey's chocolate tarts are the perfect addition to the cafe's menu for sure. If you're looking for perfection and creativity in your cakes, I would RecomN Little Collins. ;)" —Sarah

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