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LNNS Construction:
- One stop center for construction, renovation and furnishing for homes, offices and hotels

Primo Interiors & Furniture:
We proved some advice and ideas to beautify the area of choice with curtains, wallpaper, re-upholstery of old sofas, carpets and built- in cabinets. Do drop by our showroom or give us a call for more information.
-Tracks / Rods
-New Sofa / Re-Upholstery
-Venetian / Vertical Blinds
-Timber / Bamboo Blinds
-Bedspread / Comforters
-Mosquito Screens

"Mr.Lim is a stranger at beginning but now a family friend thanks to recomn.com. He is such a professional in his profession. My family is a very happy family now after renovating my condo under his supervision and guidance. Mr.Punctual I would describe him on delivering his services as well as trustworthy and honest. A one stop centre for all your Renovation Works. Highly recommend him everyone looking for a good home CONTRACTOR." —Jega

"Lim and LNNS has been our only single renovation service provider since we first used their services back in 2007. Lim provides lots of ideas and come up with the plans that suits our budget and also trendy. Delivers on time and provides non-hesitant after service support. He is trustworthy and very helpful as we had to renovate our new house sitting overseas. He supported us in providing choices, procuring and installing with limited or no supervision from us, yet within our budget. He uses technology as a enabler and state of art tools to come up with the plans and regularly updates the progress as he moves forward. I personally thank and appreciate his commitment towards his customers and will not hesitate to recommend him for any one.

Wishing him all the best.
Sam" —Sanjeevi

"Lim is detailed, responsive and patience. He gives recommendations but leaves the decision to me. Very experienced in highlighting potential issues if i go ahead with my own (inexperienced) ideas. " —Grace

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