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Welcome to LOVE STORY. LOVE STORY is a boutique wedding planning consultancy that specializes in creating beautiful weddings that reflect your personality and transform your ideas into reality.

We can organize every conceivable aspect of your wedding or event but it depends entirely on your individual requirements. With our connections to some of the best suppliers in the industry and our knowledge of how a wedding should be planned to perfection, we can save you precious time, alleviate the stress and worry, and through our tough negotiations actually save your money.

If you are not seeking a full wedding planning service, we can offer one to one private wedding consultations. We also offer wedding consultations to couples who have already planned their day but who would like a professional Wedding Day Schedule compiled.

Wedding consultations can be arranged in your own home or office if preferred.

Whatever it is, LOVE STORY can work with you to create a flawless and unforgettable day.

"Experienced band with strong vocalists and skilfull guitarist. Very entertaining." —Ade

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