Terrible experience using recomn.com for the first time. I spent a lot of effort trying to resolve this with contractor but have been unsuccessful. In short:
1) I fully paid contractor
2) Contractor left my place without completing their job professionally:
a) Did not clean up or clear the rubbish from my place (photos can be provided upon request)
b) Wires are now protruding from wall for two air conds and not patched up (photos can be provided upon request). Contractor claimed that they engaged another of my contractor, who was also working at my place at the time, to patch up the wires but the contractor said they didnt agree to that. It is unprofessional to leave the job to another contractor, whom they just got to know on the same day and not monitor at all.
c) Compressors of the air conds were installed on the floor without the rubber leg, which would reduce noise/vibration. Contractor claimed they never saw them but I found 20 pieces just left inside or just outside the boxes. These are standard items that come with every air cond and is included in the installation manual
3) I have requested for another contractor to complete item 2a, at my own cost
4) There was confusion on when to fix item 2b. I informed contractor to go on Monday but contractor said he was informed that I said Sunday and so he went on Sunday morning but before reaching I told them security wont let them enter or work on a Sunday. Contractor then requested that I get my painting or other contractor to fix it on their behalf, which is unacceptable. They created the problem, they have to fix it and not push to others
5) Contractor request for additional payment to fix item 2c even though this is part of the standard air cond installation and is clearly included in the air cond installation manual. I am totally not agreeable to this.

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