Pretty good service, and very happy with it.

john lee

The receptionist is Indonesian and not polite in answering questions about services.
The owner keep introducing promotional package that is misleading, my mother end up paying more!!
When I call to complaint, the boss is rude and ask me fly kite.


When they no longer want to service your area, they send you the laziest maids, turn up late and don't respond to your calls. Today is the last day of their service with me and they are one already one hour late - not picking up any calls or responding to texts. Zero professionalism.

Jes Min replied over 6 years ago

Su-Ann have you dealt with them for a long time? There's a really important client looking for a cleaner for her house and wondering whether these are the best guys to do it

John Lee replied over 6 years ago

i dont recommend as how my mom got trick by maid a call

Chris replied about 6 years ago

Thanks for all this. saved me a headache.

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