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"Missed out the part I required it to be clean" —Hon

"MAIDAH CLEANING SERCIVE, I paid for 2 hours, male n female. Paid rm108 extra rm30 for them to bring cleaning tools. Total rm138.
Showed up late 20minutes even after change the timing abit later demand by the service person, coz the same worker is cleaning another house. Male n female worker is not peofessional at all. Paid rm30 to be bring your own washing tools, the moop was dirty, the girl use the same dirty mope to mope the whole house until my mother notice it. The male worker wiping one window with dry dirty cloths,n never wash. Its like i hired a bunch of kids just laying hands lazily cleaning the house. Kicthen n 2 toilet washed, god knows how she washed it. Male vacuumed. Most of the boxes n moving things around and sweaping the floor, my mother n my sister did. Walls are not sweap, all windows are not wipe. And the workers not even a malaysian or a professional cleaner. It looks like they just randomnly took this 2 people from the street. 2 hours is wasted. Not recommend at all." —Sabina

"Overall is ok" —YEN ERN

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