by Asal 16 days

"Very good work and very kind team, professional and very helpful .. really thanks for you all ... really I'm happy with your works and my apartment now very very nice ...thanks dears "

[email protected] replied 16 days ago

"thank you very much mam👏👏"

by Ivan 2 months

"Well done and good service"

[email protected] replied 2 months ago

"thank you sir 👏👏👏"

by Rash 2 months

"Arrived late. Poor paint job. Wall looks faded and discolored. Painter used only one coat of paint where he should have used two or more. Refused to touch up even after numerous calls made. Not recommended."

[email protected] replied 2 months ago

"dont tell lies. You didnt call me and also my painter has done his job propely and perfectly .and he has painted 3 coats.clear the room as well. We are always give a best service for our customers."

by wendy41 5 months

"Quite happy with the final result of Eric's work. The most humble and polite contractor we have ever met. He is not calculative at all and put extra effort to ensure work is done perfectly. Overall great work! "

[email protected] replied 4 months ago

"thank you mam"

by Farah 5 months

"Would recommend them to anyone doing a renovation project. Job was done neatly and on-time. However, if there are any small, delicate details on your ceiling or walls, its best to provide them the suitable painting brushes required as they only bring along the standard rollers and 2.5 inch brush. Overall was good and price was reasonable. "

[email protected] replied 5 months ago

"thank you mam"

by Chetan 7 months

"Quality of workmanship was really good, they were on-time and took extra effort to ensure the completeness of work on time. "

[email protected] replied 7 months ago

"thank you sir..."

by Mei Fhong 7 months

"On time and good communicator."

[email protected] replied 7 months ago

"thank you mam..."

by Nota 7 months

"Good staff "

[email protected] replied 7 months ago

"thank you mam ☺️☺️☺️"

by Pratheev 8 months

"definitely recommended ! Excellent cleaning service, good personality and punctual"

[email protected] replied 8 months ago

"thank you very much sir"

by [email protected] 8 months

"It was definitely a positive experience. From the first point of contact till completion of the job, they were polite, accommodating and gave their best to meet my expectations. I do recommend them for anyone who needs a quick cleaning or handyman job or those who needs complete and total cleaning service. These guys are not only pro but the effort that they put in is outstanding. Well done and keep up the good work. Your new hardworking breed of Malaysians who we all can take an example from. Cheers!"

[email protected] replied 8 months ago

"thanks boss ☺️☺️"

by YHL 9 months

"Normal, not meet my expectation."

by NUR 9 months

"Overall the service was good. It is a bit pricey for a 2 hour job and they arrived 30mins late. Which shorten the work to only an hour and a half."

[email protected] replied 8 months ago

"thank you mam..."

by Subash 10 months

"they did a good job"

[email protected] replied 10 months ago

"Thank you very much for everything. Your mom everytime gave food n drinks.and end of the duty your wife and son also gave us a gifts. once again Thanks alot."

by Billion 11 months

"Half an hour late due to heavy traffic. Fair enough. Most importantly we'll delivered service. "

by Angel 11 months

"Such s professional work. Formal people thatcis not looking at the watch in order to comply with a PERFECT job. Thy started at 10 and left at 3pm, without lunch, in order to leave the paint to dry and await for a last layer to make the job perfectly done. Their price is also very reasonable, and surpassed by their good job. I’m an expat and I recommend them totally. Good job guys. 100% Satisfied. "

[email protected] replied 10 months ago

"thank you sir"

by ONG 12 months


[email protected] replied 12 months ago

"thank you sir"

by LIM 12 months

"Excellent service by cleaners"

[email protected] replied 12 months ago

"thank you"

by Ben 12 months


[email protected] replied 12 months ago

"thanks sir"

by Ye Vien about 1 year

"Very worth the money!
I had cracks and holes on my walls, and they managed to repair them almost perfectly. Very good attitude in approaching and understanding client’s needs. Would also try their best to fit what I have asked (and to be honest, I think they did more than my expectations).
There was one time when I went to supervise their work, and I was very shocked to see a lady sweeping the floor, without me even asking! For your information, cleaning is not included in what I paid. And since I was actually also looking for a cleaner, I am surprised and pleased to see them doing it. (And I ended up paying them some cleaning fee la haha).
Overall, I am super satisfied with their super detailed work. Will definitely find them again for painting next time!"

[email protected] replied about 1 year ago

"Our job is satisfied the customers and we are always try to do our best to our customers. We would be happy with your valuable feedback and definitely we will give the same service next time better than this. Thanks for choosing our service"

by Sharina about 1 year

"Professional and excellent "

[email protected] replied about 1 year ago

"thank you mam"