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Mediviron UOA offers a wide-ranging selection of minimally and non-invasive aesthetic treatments. Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, we have been providing quality procedures and treatments to locals and patients from abroad since 2001.

"I like to come to this clinic as the staff and doctors are very experienced, professional and friendly. I lost 14kgs in just over a month and I can't be happier!" —Vicky

"I am very happy with my doctor and my treatments and the results are better than I could have wished for. I have to say that Mediviron UOA gave me a huge impression at first sight. I'm not only amazed by the place and surroundings but also by the people who work here. The staff were friendly and warm; treated me with kindness and compassion, nothing was too much trouble.

My aesthetic doctor and beautician are professional and very nice. When I had my very 1st laser treatment, they took care of me so much and kept asking me how I was feeling, made me calm and smile.
" —Lilly

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