Memories Bridal Gallery is your one stop bridal gallery.Established since 2009.It is strategically located in the heart of Villa tropicana Office Showroom .MBG is a team of experienced photographer and image artist with several awards providing you with professional and high quality service.

Our company MBG striving to catch up with the global trend of wedding fashion and allow customers to choose their wedding apparel in a more spacious and luxurious room. In order for our styling and wedding photography skills to reach the international level, our creative team continuously to update the technology, image design stylish and photographic studio designed to meet the needs of customers, hence growing up with the global trend.
Insist on the principles of being Ó customer-oriented, cordial and innovative,Ó MEMORIES BRIDAL GALLERY provides professional Òone-on-oneÓ quality service, comprehensive communication, and strive for perfection for the customer with the latest bridal fashion, innovation, romantic, and the valuable wedding photography, to deliver an Òexclusive experienceÓ for the customers. Our photographers and stylists have their very own unique styles which are able to provide customers a more comprehensive choice. In order to create a fantastic and romantic wedding photography, we also offers local and overseas wedding photography. It is represented in a dramatic manner and by putting in a lot of manpower and resources, we aim to create an aesthetic and romantic customs for your wedding photography Ð the most precious memories in your life.
As we look back over the past years, we would like to thank all our clients, who have trusted us and make us part of their special moments.

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