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We have 20 years of experience . We specialized in ....

1) Sofa , carpet and mattress cleaning for homes, restaurants and banks etc.
2) Initial cleaning / post renovation cleaning for house and office ,etc.
3) Renovation and painting etc.

Our friendly and honest manager Mr Len is always ready to give you any advice and helping hands if needed.

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Selangor Kuala Lumpur

4 Reviews for Merpati Cleaning Enterprise

External Review

Theodore Xavier

Great service - prompt and cheerful. Highly recommended!

External Review

Madam Low

Their cleaning job is superb and really effective. My sofa is now clean and also back to “white”. Thank you so much for the cleaning. GOOD JOB!

External Review

Su Sin Chan

Their cleaning services are excellent as they offer a complete service to handle the cleaning up of every part of the house including the mattresses and sofa, etc. I have used their services many times.

External Review

Victor Lee

The cleaning is very well done. The toilet looks like new now. Workers are very friendly too. Thank you so much for the good service.

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