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At Miki's CakeVille, LESS SWEET is our motto! We ensure our desserts especially cakes are less sweet but yet delicious and moist.

Miki's CakeVille is a purely home based baker with passion, thus all the ingredients that we use are the finest and wholesome to the max without using artificial flavouring or preservatives.

We specialised in customised fondant cakes & wedding cakes. Others like fresh fruit cakes, buttercream cakes and cupcakes are available too.

To ensure we have enough time to prepare your cake order, please allow us to have a 3 weeks lead time.

A 50% deposit is to be collected upon confirmation of the order and the balance to be paid upon collection of your cake.

"The cakes are not as sweet as most commercial cakes... Miki's cakes are perfectly sweet... Very suitable for a non sweet toothed person like me... Have to try it to be convinced. " —Leonard

"Love the cupcakes. .best ever!" —Eunice

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