Jadehills Premium Bungalow
Location grey Kajang
Stack of money Estimated price : RM750000.0
Completed Above 2400 sqft Semi-D / Bungalow Bathroom Walk-in-wardrobe Bedroom Kids Bedroom Living Living Room Small Kitchen Modern Contemporary Showroom Sitting Room Dining Room Kitchen Entrance / Foyer Lounge

Discover the refined elegance and contemporary charm of the Jadehills Premium Bungalow by MIL Design & Construction.
With over 2400 sqft of luxury living space, this interior design project showcases stunning features and meticulous attention to detail.
From the sleek and sophisticated dining area to the serene and stylish bedrooms, each room exudes modernity and functionality.
Explore the beautifully designed living spaces, luxurious bathrooms, and well-appointed kitchen, all crafted with the utmost care and precision.
Step into a world of modern luxury and be inspired by the exquisite styling captured in this photo album.

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