Seni Kiara
mont kiara

Celebrated chef Yogesh Upadhyay and wife Natasha of reknown restaurant Flour engaged leading Malaysian build and design firm MIL Design & Construction, and put
their trust in award-winning interior architect Mak Mil Yung and her talented team to
create the home of their dreams.
Prior to commencement, the 10-year-old apartment was dimly lit and somewhat
clumsily laid out. Despite spanning 2800-square-feet and featuring a private elevator
to direct to the lobby, an assortment of inbuilt storage cupboards made the main
living areas feel cramped.
For Mil and her team, the first step was to reinvent the floor plan and create key
spaces in line with the couple’s lifestyle needs. As hosting friends and family was
such an important component, the kitchen was reconnected with the main living area
and a custom 8-foot island bench made of black Spanish marble and dark toned
timber was installed as a standalone feature facing the living and dining areas.
The reimagining of the space also extended to the apartment entrance, where from
the lift one is greeted by a long gallery-like corridor made of walnut paneled timber
matched with a sizeable bronze mirror on the opposite wall.
The new layout of the gallery features a panoramic view of the living and dining areas
and the décor was constructed in rich timber tones to create a luxurious look while
remaining warm and inviting as guests enter the home.
Inside the apartment, guests are met with a beautifully constructed bookcase
customised with a white greek volakas marble backdrop and black toned timbers.
The bookcase houses the owners extensive vintage book collection and displays
some of their most beloved artworks while doubling as an entertainment console.
Further to this, a prayer altar in a well-matched minimalist style has been customised
in black Spanish marble and dark timber, providing space for the young couple to
practice their faith.
Heading to the master bedroom & bathroom, floors were changed to white volakas marble and new walk-in wardrobes designed with tinted glass and designated nooks for all sorts of functional storage, handbags, daily wear, seating corners and so on