thorough cleaning done

Ms.Jrani replied almost 2 years ago

Thank you ms

Wen Jau

Made appointment at 9.30am, but the vendor only arrived at 10.30am. Overall the paint quality is good.

Ms.Jrani replied almost 2 years ago

Thank you for your review sir.


They were efficient, got most things done within 2 days. However some of the materials were not fit for the job, for example, for floor tiles they had used woodstain instead of the acrylic clear coat meant for tiles. The supervisor was also very efficient in getting materials, however I think he was too eager because the receipt I got was 3x more than the usual prices for items. That was after the supervisor said he will be able to get good prices from the shop he regularly visits. But I must commend them for willingly coming back to do touch ups, and they were fast in doing that also.

Ms.Jrani replied almost 2 years ago

Thank you for review and the price had check and shop agree the price as in receipt.


Poor workmanship and doesn't care about quality. Doesn't listen to proper advise and work for own easy way. Expensive price.

Ms.Jrani replied almost 2 years ago

Thank you for your review , and we had charge only RM230 for 4 coating painting for a small include ceïlïng.


Installed wallpaper for me. Not even 1 day wallpaper started peeling off. Said will come and repair but never came. Had to buy my own glue and stick back myself. Tq

Ms.Jrani replied almost 2 years ago

Thank you for your review, we had minus RM150 for the delay sir tq.


Did a good job in the beginning. Since it was xmas season, we didn't check their work thoroughly. Some parts were left unpainted. Called them to do the touch up work to which they agreed but on the day they were suppose to come, they had gone missing. It's been three weeks I'm trying to call them, no one is answering the calls. Tried calling all three numbers of contact they provided but no one is answering. I even gave an additional RM100 in appreciation of their neat work (especially for less messy job and for their patience in carrying out the painting job) but now it's proven. Once they take the money, they don't bother to amend things

Ms.Jrani replied almost 2 years ago

Thank you

Ms.Jrani replied almost 2 years ago

Hi maam sorry for incovience caused delay to touchup the certain part of the grill due to we stuck at outstation to complete 2 project, we will come on 7 Feb to complete it. And we did make appoimtment with you maam but you abit busy with our schedule. Again apologise maam.

Ms.Jrani replied almost 2 years ago

Good morning Maam, we had complete to touchup job. Sorry for the incovience coused. And thank you again for your support.

Josephine replied almost 2 years ago

The touch up job has been completed last Saturday and problem resolved. Thank u for solving the matter.


Good service!

Ms.Jrani replied about 2 years ago

Thank you us for other booking😄

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