.. Modern Home Design Inc. is a small company with the goal to bring modern - European - design to your neighborhood.

30 plus years ago I discovered my passion for modern design. I not only learned how to design nice and functional products, I also learned how to manufacture them on a high level of quality.

The next 20 years, I worked - back in Europe - as designer. During this time I also owned and managed a mid-sized production company where we manufactured custom-made furniture, kitchen cabinets, office furniture and a lot of other nice things made out of wood, metal, and glass. Designing and building residential homes, office spaces and showrooms became a part of my daily work.

In the mid 90's chance brought me to the United States. Here I worked, as VP operations, for a European high-end kitchen design company. My passion about modern home design, my experience as entrepreneur, and my desire to get things done in a timely and quality manner encouraged me to - once more - make the step into self-employment.

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