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Stack of money Estimated price : RM150000.0
3D Concept Ideas Inspirations 1800 - 2400 sqft Terrace House Living Dining Room Walk-in-wardrobe Kitchen Bedroom Kids Bedroom Entrance / Foyer Study Modern Contemporary Carpentry 3D Design Beige White Grey

Welcome to the breathtaking KLANG HOUSE album by MOUS DESIGN, where contemporary modern aesthetics blend seamlessly with clean lines and luxurious touches.
From the serene living space to the elegant bedroom, every photo showcases the beauty and sophistication of this design & built house.
With a neutral color palette, sleek cabinetry, and minimalist decor, this album offers endless inspiration for those looking to enhance their home with modern interior design.
Immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of functionality and style, as MOUS DESIGN creates a masterful interior in this 1800-2400 sqft terrace house.
Experience the epitome of modern living with this meticulously designed and built space, where every detail embodies elegance and sophistication.

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