Designer-Made Furniture & Interior Design
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A 360-degree living experience, which values and creates prestigious lifestyle journey.

The Design
At Movent, we incorporate the best of design and technology to develop luxurious yet practical design. Through innovation, we strive for excellence masterpiece and yet maintain its practical usage. We challenge innovation and work with a group of professional consultants that assist you in designing.

The Quality
At Movent, we specialise handmade and high quality furniture including sofas, tables, rugs, wardrobe and more. We focus to innovate and explore the use of new materials, technologies and designs. This is to ensure our clients will receive their masterpiece with perfect end finishing. Besides, we collaborate with designers or architects, to produce luxurious and finest quality of designer home concepts.

Consultation & Production
At Movent, we are always ready to assist you. Engage with our experience consultants, one-to-one consultation services will be offered in building your own dream house and only masterpiece. We take attention listen to everyone we touch in creating extraordinary experience with Movent. Make an order masterpiece. Production of quality products will be conducted as soon as you have decided on your selection or preference. We manage every each of the masterpiece in details and perform beyond customer's expectations. We take pride in offering you the best and luxurious home concept designing with Movent.