Bukit Persekutuan
Location grey Bukit Persekutuan
Stack of money Estimated price : RM100000.0
Completed Above 2400 sqft Condo / Apartment Living Room Display Shelf Dining Room Kitchen Contemporary Raw Luxury Carpentry Plaster Ceiling Kitchen Cabinet Painting Electrical Wall Decor Furniture Curtain Wallpaper Lighting Sofa

Welcome to the stunning world of contemporary raw luxury brought to you by Spacefighters Sdn Bhd.
Explore our latest project in Bukit Persekutuan, where we have transformed a Condo/Apartment measuring above 2400 sqft with our impeccable interior design expertise.
From elegant living rooms adorned with plush sofas and vibrant abstract paintings, to sophisticated kitchens boasting sleek cabinetry and mosaic backsplash, each space exudes raw luxury at its finest.
Join us on this visual journey and get inspired by the harmonious fusion of comfort and style in our completed interior design project.