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WE DESIGN. WE BUILD. We see your space and provide you the best design solution for your space that enhance your desires. We will always ready for you and be reachable via the contact and email provided at the contact info to meet your needs.


External Review

May Chia Lee Peng

Thank you Msquare Creation for the good consult and construction drawings provide that enable our side contractors build as per requested. Our home at East Malaysia, not everything has been perfect but in every they made good. So far is the most responsible firm we meet with a fair price. Good Job!

External Review

Marcus Wong

Great service for renovation, fast response, and feedback regarding any changes made to the renovation place. Able to deliver within the estimated timeline given. And able to also provide great consultancy on the materials/products use for the best of the renovation work.

External Review


We are professionally given advice by the people at Msquare. The people there are patient and willing to give fair and just advice with experience. After the design was delivered, minor patches were taken care of smoothly with haste. Great job by Raymond and the team.


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