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A good photograph speaks for itself. A warm smile, spontaneous hugs amongst relatives, these are beautiful moments that only a photographer has the chance to capture. Mike Tan and his team’s exquisite photography skills have mesmerised newlyweds and their families. It is the simple act of love and unity in weddings that sparked their interest in this industry. Mike admits that it is the exciting and touching moments in weddings that keep his passion going in wedding photography. He prefers the casual, candid photography style and keeps a lookout for the various facial expressions and emotions that are evident in weddings. His favourite magical moment in weddings is when the groom lifts the bride’s veil and he looks deep into her eyes with love. That is truly priceless!

Mike established his company in April 2012 and he and his team have travelled as far as Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Italy and Greece for photography assignments. Mike treats his customers as his friends and discusses the various options open to them in terms of photography styles, packages and venue selections. His clients feel comfortable with his approach and this adds up as one of his positive traits. For 2014, Mike sees a unique trend set by the young and hip crowd as they look for something unconventional compared to the traditional bridal photography styles.

The challenge in the industry is the fact that couples tend to compare pricing levels. Mike’s advice to the newly-engaged is to set their eyes on the artwork as their priority rather than merely pricing, as different photographers have different styles. After all, it is the end product that counts. With their vast experience and humble approach, Mike and his team have created a rare niche in wedding photography. That is why their clients have returned the favour with words of recommendation and a shout out with no regrets! As for Mike and his team, they have set goals for more challenging stints. That to them is truly worth a shot.

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