by nina17 8 months


by jojo9a1ee almost 3 years

"good services"

by sylvia11 about 3 years

"service and cake is good"

by darren17 about 3 years

"price reasonable, good service"

by sandragoh about 3 years

"overall is good and cake look nice and taste good"

by aisyah21 about 3 years

"good service and cake taste good"

by elaeze about 3 years

"Excellent customer service and the cake taste good"

by nithya3 about 3 years

"cake and service is good"

by morayojackson about 3 years

"good food with reasonable price"

Mum Sweet Kitchen replied almost 3 years ago

"Thanks for your feedback. glad to hear you are satisfied "

by tia61 over 3 years

"Amazing service , a real pleasurable experience . She was friendly yet super professional at the same time . She would go to great length to cater to your needs.Delivery was on time and the cupcakes were incredibly cute and delicious.If i have any special occasion in the future i would definitely go to her again , as she made everything a piece of cake! Merci!"

Mum Sweet Kitchen replied over 3 years ago

"Thanks for your feedback. glad to hear you are satisfied "

by Pooi over 3 years

"I placed an order for my grandma birthday cake within a very short notice and Mum Sweet Kitchen is prompt in replying to my message. She tried her best to fulfill my request by asking in details of the cake which I really appreciate. She also ready to adjust time and collection place that are convenient to both of us. I am so happy that I make my order from her."

Mum Sweet Kitchen replied over 3 years ago

"Thank you Pooi , hope you had a good celebration and your grandma enjoyed her day."

by elhilyoges over 3 years

"I placed an order for customised birthday cake for my 2 yr old niece. Provided a pic of birthday cake we had in mind. Mum Sweet Kitchen came back and provided suggestions so tht the cake would look better. That's wht I call as going the extra mile to gv their cutomers the best service. Cake was delivered on time as expected. Throughout, my queries were responded in timely manner. Our baby had the best Birthday. Thank you!"

Mum Sweet Kitchen replied over 3 years ago

"thank you :) sorry that i replied late "

by nurul over 3 years

"Gorgeous cupcakes design... better than what i expected! Excellent customer service!"

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