Ceria Residence, Cyberjaya
Location grey Cyberjaya, Ceria Residence
Stack of money Estimated price : RM230000.0
Completed Dining Room Kitchen Living Room Modern European Plaster Ceiling Wallpaper Painting Furniture Curtain Kitchen Cabinet Wardrobe

Welcome to the Ceria Residence, Cyberjaya album by Nice Style Interior Design.
Immerse yourself in the completed interior design project, showcasing a modern European style.
From the elegant living room with its sophisticated plaster ceiling and chic wallpaper, to the well-appointed dining area featuring a classic white table, every detail reflects the expertise of Nice Style Interior Design.
Discover the sleek kitchen cabinets, luxurious curtains, and built-in wardrobe, all blending seamlessly into a cohesive and upscale aesthetic.
Experience the epitome of modern living with this elegant collection of photos.