Southen Marina
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Completed Condo / Apartment Dining Room Bedroom Kitchen Study Bathroom Modern Contemporary

Welcome to the Southern Marina Photo Album from Nice Style Interior Design.
This collection showcases the stunning results of our recent interior design project.
Each photo captures the essence of modern, contemporary style with a touch of luxury and sophistication.
From the elegant living cum dining room with its sleek furniture and serene waterfront view, to the plush and comfortable bedroom with rich wooden accents, every detail has been carefully curated for a cohesive and sophisticated aesthetic.
The bathroom exudes a spa-like atmosphere with clean lines and luxurious touches, while the modern kitchen boasts sleek lines and a minimalist color palette.
The lobby features geometric floor patterns and strategic lighting, while the home office showcases an elegant coastal-inspired aesthetic with subtle pops of color.
Explore these photos to discover the epitome of Malaysian interior design elegance at Southern Marina.