SwissGarden Residences
Location grey Kuala Lumpur
Completed Studio Bedroom Dining Room Living Room Contemporary Modern

Welcome to the SwissGarden Residences album by Nice Style Interior Design.
Immerse yourself in the captivating contemporary living space featuring a sleek dining area with modern taupe chairs and a wooden table.
The seamless blend of comfort and modern elegance is highlighted by soft lighting, decorative accents, a plush sofa, and framed artwork.
Delve into this modern kitchen showcasing a chic urban living and functional design, with white cabinetry and a stylish wood-finished island doubling as a breakfast nook.
Relax in the elegant bedroom with a clean, minimalist aesthetic, dominated by earthy tones and a plush bed with burnt-orange accents.
Enjoy the contemporary living room with its sleek neutral color palette, vibrant decorative pillows, and natural light pouring in through the open balcony door.
And finally, retreat to the tranquil bedroom with its minimalist aesthetic, warm color palette, and artistic touches.
Explore the SwissGarden Residences album by Nice Style Interior Design, your gateway to contemporary modern living.