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One Catering Malaysia is your One-Stop food catering partner, especially in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor, Malaysia.

We love it when our customer finds good value in our services. We are always ready to work with our customers to work on their budget, customized unique menu and we even work out suitable themes just so ordinary events become memorable events.

Look us out if you're searching for good buffet catering, Halal catering, wedding catering, Kenduri, corporate catering or even home or party catering services.

Buffet Catering

KL / Selangor

Halal Catering

KL / Selangor

Wedding Catering

KL / Selangor

"love the food! excellent service, on time delivery, just awesome" —one

"Good food & good service! sit back and relax, everything is nicely done! could't ask for more. " —wk

"Good food, good price and excellent service." —seow

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