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One Tree is a brand led by Alishia whose creativity had developed a series of charming stationeries and cards since 2006. Being a young graphic design and multimedia graduate, Alishia ventured into corporate designing fresh out of school. Her family had been running a framing business in Penang for over 15 years and Alishia had inherited these invaluable skills to further compliment her venture in One Tree. Today, her intricate creations spans over globally. One Tree had heard orders coming from as far as Singapore, United Kingdom and Australia. /n/nAlishia maintains an elegant and simplistic style which is exclusive to her products. One Tree products are clean and modern yet preserving a timeless appeal. Her keen eye for details provides the intricacies to complete your special day. Amongst One Tree's notable products are made to order wedding invitations, unique ïJust Married' car plates, premium photo frames as well as wedding favours.

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