544 sqft home makeover in Cyberjaya
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Completed Below 800 sqft Condo / Apartment Living Room Kitchen Bedroom Modern Contemporary Wall Decor Painting Furniture Carpentry Cyberjaya

Welcome to the stunning 544 sqft home makeover by Orphic Concept in Cyberjaya.
This contemporary interior design project showcases the perfect blend of functionality and style.
Each photo in this album offers a glimpse into the sleek living space, from the neutral-toned living area with a pop of teal on the accent wall, to the cozy and chic bedroom with hanging pendant lights.
The modern kitchen and dining area exude a vibrant ambiance with teal cabinets and rustic wooden floors.
With its minimalist decor and clever use of space, this modern condominium encapsulates the essence of sophisticated urban living.
Experience the beauty of contemporary design with Orphic Concept in this Cyberjaya masterpiece.