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This website and service is very misleading. The contractors from Penang Renovation came to review the house and cost of the construction but did not provide quote for it. We trusted them to let them inside our house but this is what we get. Maybe the contractors are not interested because our house is old and need much work to do or simply because they prejudice towards certain race houses only.
At least the contractors should be honest and upfront on their decision, rather than let the prospect keep calling and asking for a status.

Total waste of time.


Same experience as Hui Yi (first review).

price is double the market rate. and he doesn't well understand my needs.

In the end, I choose another contractor.

Narrisa replied over 3 years ago

But he is friendly and a nice person. Just that i found a better one.

Camilluschai replied over 3 years ago

Hi..Narrisa I not know. ..you..?

Hui Yi

He broght all relevant experienced partners to view but this young man didn’t understand what is quotation which I asked to provide, he ignored my request but followed up everyday asking to pay deposit for him to buy materials, that’s it. Absolutely can’t be trusted.

Camilluschai replied over 3 years ago

Sory we misunderstanding thank you have a nice day.

Camilluschai replied over 3 years ago

Thank you for your supported improvement processes.

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