Horrible service not even deserve 1 star. A 2 days job they extend to 3 weeks then they went missing and never bother to finish the job. Suddenly now out of the blue demand payment here of additional 1k rm from the initial quotation.
Spoiled my ikea panels. I had to hire ikea installer to redo the cabinets.
You are a cheating contractor that should not even be recommended here. I am absolutely dissatisfied with your service and will lodge report to relevant official authorities regarding your cheating customer service.

Perwaja Indah replied 4 months ago

Tq for the comment. I also hv my service report and everything.


Reasonably priced, suggest cheaper alternatives, friendly, ontime, reliable, first handyman i never had to continuously follow up.


1. They didn’t provide me the accurate quotation even I asked. The reason why, because they didn’t manage to finalise it. When asked price, they always said within budget!!
2. The price they promised is within my budget RM1,000. But luckily we terminated their job earlier and the final price was RM1,539! Really unacceptable!!!
3. They come so late. Time management really out. Asked to come at 9am, they promised to come at 10am, then changed to 10:30am, but by 11:10am still not turn up. Always sent their staff earlier than them, but can’t start work at all because all the tools with them!!
4. Lastly, good luck to their future customers…!

Perwaja Indah replied 4 months ago

Hi. Thank you for your review. I have mentioned in the quotation that the price is up to 10ft (before we start the work) and given you the second quotation (price up to 10ft) with the actual distance. And yes we said within the budget. At first my initial quote was 1.2k. And got additional work somemore. And i hv given the final price same as my initial quote.

Perwaja Indah replied 4 months ago

Also thank you for the wishes 🙂

Perwaja Indah replied 4 months ago

The job has almost completed and has mentioned (before start work) will took around 2-3days. You can find the info that i hv mentioned above in the quotation.

Perwaja Indah replied 4 months ago

May be you should look back. Tq

Perwaja Indah replied 4 months ago

We only allowed to do at your house on Sat and Sun. Because to fulfill your request and with a sense of responsibility, we even worked on public holiday (Hari Malaysia)

Amy replied 4 months ago

You are not the only one. Their service and attitude is absolutely horrible. Please future customers, beware of this con artist that like to hike up price from initial quotation and never finish their job!

Perwaja Indah replied 3 months ago

Tq so much for your comment, MS AMY. We do have all progress work report from time to time, together with photos and all the reason.


good in the job, had eye on detail regarding the placement of cables.

Perwaja Indah replied 6 months ago

Tq so much! Very understanding customer😊.


Friendly and helpful.

Perwaja Indah replied 6 months ago

Tq so much! Understanding and flexible customer


Overall communication was seamless. Responsible couple. Workmanship is not as flawless but he made sure he put enough glue on the sink to caulk it.

Perwaja Indah replied 6 months ago

Tq so much. Will improved and looking to serve you again with the best quality service.


Semuanya tip top, x de yg saya x puas hati, saya cume nk tlg mama saya carikan home services sbb kalau nk hrpkan pkp hbs , mmg x kan hbs so bersyukur sgt jumpe app ni dkt twitter n terdetik nk try contact... alhamdulillah semuanya dh ok n much better than b4... terima kasih dan mintak maaf sbb saya selalu x angkat call , busy dgn assignment... lg sekali services encik , puan mmg paduuu

Perwaja Indah replied 6 months ago

Tq so much for choosing us.😊


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