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Pest Paramedics is established in 2010 and it is the 1st pest control operator in Malaysia to successfully integrate the use of non-toxic organic and natural products which are biodegradable yet having the same effectiveness as that of conventional chemical spray. Our control tactics used are purely natural and organic, making it the best choice for a safe and non-toxic eradication of pests as well as the best natural alternative for chemical sprays.

"Good!" —JT

"It's a good job" —harizimran

"Having just moved to our new home, we encountered serious problems with mosquitoes and centipedes, perhaps due to on-going renovation works around our area. We sought for a solution and hired Pest Paramedics to resolve our pest problems. The team was extremely thorough about their diagnosis and we were carefully briefed about the options and various treatments available based on budget and effectiveness. We were and still are really happy about their professional service; going beyond just resolving our issue." —Gary

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