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Phantom Production

Welcome to Phantom Production, your go-to local services company for all your Wedding Videos/Photos needs. We take pride in offering top-notch Cinematography and Photography services at an affordable cost. With our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that your special moments are captured and immortalized beautifully.

Since our establishment in 2016, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our valued customers in Malaysia. Our team of skilled professionals is passionate about their craft and committed to going above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Here's why customers choose us:

1. Affordable Cost: We understand the importance of staying within budget while not compromising on quality. At Phantom Production, we offer competitive pricing without compromising the delivery of stunning videos and photos.

2. Extensive Experience: With years of experience in the industry, we have developed a deep understanding of what it takes to capture the essence of any event. Whether it's your wedding day or a special event, we have the expertise to create memorable videos and photos that tell your unique story.

3. Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We take the time to understand your vision and preferences, ensuring that every aspect is tailored to your needs. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a stellar reputation as evidenced by our 4.9 star average rating based on online reviews.

Here's what some of our customers have said about us:

- "His price was value for money and he did a good job. Was on time and even was willing to wait longer after the event finished. Family liked his work and many enquired on his service. Will surely recommend him." - veshnu

4. Wide Range of Services: As a versatile local services company, we offer not only Wedding Videos/Photos but also various other photography and videography services. Whether you need a photographer for a corporate event, a videographer for a birthday party, or a wedding photographer/videographer, we have you covered.

5. Extensive Coverage: We proudly serve customers across different cities and districts in Malaysia. From Kuala Lumpur to Penang, from Selangor to Johor, our team is ready to travel and capture your special moments wherever you are.

Trust Phantom Production to provide you with exceptional Wedding Videos/Photos that truly reflect your unique personality and style. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us create everlasting memories for you. Visit our website for more information and to view our portfolio.


Phantom Production

Selamat datang ke Phantom Production, syarikat perkhidmatan tempatan yang menjadi pilihan anda untuk segala keperluan Video/Gambar Perkahwinan anda. Kami bangga dengan penawaran perkhidmatan Sinematografi dan Fotografi yang terbaik dengan harga yang berpatutan. Dengan kepakaran dan perhatian terhadap butiran, kami memastikan bahawa momen-momen istimewa anda direkod dan diabadikan dengan indah.

Sejak penubuhan kami pada tahun 2016, kami berazam untuk memberikan perkhidmatan yang cemerlang kepada pelanggan-pelanggan kami di Malaysia. Pasukan profesional yang berkemahiran tinggi kami berdedikasi terhadap kerja mereka dan berkomitmen untuk memberikan yang terbaik untuk melebihi jangkaan anda.

Inilah sebab-sebab pelanggan memilih kami:

1. Kos yang Berpatutan: Kami memahami kepentingan untuk mematuhi bajet tanpa mengabaikan kualiti. Di Phantom Production, kami menawarkan harga yang kompetitif tanpa mengorbankan mutu video dan gambar yang menakjubkan.

2. Pengalaman yang Luas: Dengan pengalaman bertahun-tahun dalam industri ini, kami mempunyai pemahaman mendalam mengenai apa yang diperlukan untuk merakam esensi apa jua acara. Sama ada hari perkahwinan anda atau acara istimewa, kami mempunyai kepakaran untuk mencipta video dan gambar yang mengisahkan kisah unik anda.

3. Kepuasan Pelanggan: Kepuasan anda adalah keutamaan kami. Kami mengambil masa untuk memahami visi dan kehendak anda, memastikan setiap aspek disesuaikan dengan keperluan anda. Komitmen kami terhadap keunggulan telah memberikan kami reputasi yang sangat baik seperti yang terbuktikan dengan purata penarafan 4.9 bintang berdasarkan ulasan dalam talian.

Inilah apa kata sebahagian pelanggan kami:

- "Harganya berbaloi dan dia melakukan kerjanya dengan baik. Tiba tepat pada masanya dan sanggup menunggu lebih lama selepas acara selesai. Keluarga menyukai kerjanya dan ramai yang bertanya mengenai perkhidmatannya. Saya pasti akan mengesyorkan beliau." - veshnu

4. Pelbagai Perkhidmatan yang Luas: Sebagai syarikat perkhidmatan tempatan yang berdaya guna, kami menawarkan bukan sahaja Video/Gambar Perkahwinan tetapi juga pelbagai perkhidmatan fotografi dan sinematografi yang lain. Sama ada anda memerlukan seorang jurugambar untuk acara korporat, seorang jurusolek untuk parti ulang tahun, atau jurugambar/fotografi perkahwinan, kami ada untuk anda.

5. Liputan yang Luas: Dengan bangganya kami melayani pelanggan di pelbagai bandar dan daerah di Malaysia. Dari Kuala Lumpur hingga Penang, dari Selangor hingga Johor, pasukan kami bersedia untuk bergerak dan merakamkan momen-momen istimewa anda di mana sahaja anda berada.

Percayakan Phantom Production untuk memberikan anda Video/Gambar Perkahwinan yang luar biasa yang benar-benar mencerminkan personaliti dan gaya unik anda. Hubungi kami hari ini untuk membincangkan keperluan anda dan biarkan kami mencipta kenangan abadi untuk anda. Lawati laman web kami untuk maklumat lanjut dan melihat portofolio kami.

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4.9 (based on 4 reviews)


joshwong546519 September 2018, 18:55

We got recommended to Liew (phantom production) through We were both more than satisfied with his work for our wedding.
He is very professional and accommodating with our request and how we want our wedding video to be. At the same time, he sticks to what he thinks is best if our suggestion doesn't match with what he thinks is going to be good at the final video.
We actually did not expect much of it but he shows great effort and was passionate to produce a good video for us.

All in all, the final product was good and exceeded our expectation, a good service with definite value for money. 👍


elin30 April 2018, 08:12

Photographing my one year old girl's birthday party needs a lot of patience and time especially with so many kids around and Liew is very very patience with them and did a very very great job I must say! Highly recommended! Thanks again Liew and its really nice to have you.


adelene316 June 2017, 19:57

Video quality is good and the videographer was very friendly and dedicated. Definitely money well spent 🙂


veshnu16 May 2017, 10:54

His price was value for money and he did a good job. Was on time and even was willing to wait longer after the event finished. Family liked his work and many enquired on his service. Will surely recommend him.

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