Piano performer for wedding, corporate event, and special occasions


An enthusiastic piano performer available for hiring. I have performed for a number of corporate events in the past. Professional qualified with a certificate in piano solo performance, from Trinity College London. Now doing this on a part-time basis.

Knowing that this is your special occasion, I will work closely with you to address all your need. If you are interested in hiring, I can play 1-2 songs of your choice for you, recording it and sending it over for your considerations. If you are happy, we can meet up to go through the full song list and any special arrangement required for the event day. Here's the best part, I can play any song of your choice, be it English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malay, pop, classical, contemporary...

In short, just get me a piano, tell me your song list, venue and time, and I will turn up to make your special day extraordinary...

Payment terms:
20% payment upon confirmation of song list
Balance payment on the event day, prior to the performance

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