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We are a registered company and uses only legal workers. We strive only do things the right way.

We have a pool of experienced maids and it's of our best interest to give great service experience: timely, flexibility, reliability to our customers.

Most of the time we give more than what expected to our customers.
Rain or shine, Our dedicated drivers will sent the maids to your door step, tends to your cleaning chores ... bring you Hassle Free Service and Peace Of Mind.

KL / Selangor

"Initially it started really well. The quality of cleaners were good. And then slowly, they become lazier and lazier and didn't even complete some jobs which made me very disappointed. I asked if they know how to iron but the later ones all didn't know and I had to do the ironing all over again. Even though I made appointments in advance, there was one no-show and a few times an hour late. I think it really depends on your luck." —Sue-Anne

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