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Ajs Maju Services Sdn Bhd is a certified franchisee for Procleaners. Our team have undergone The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICs), London certification & training.

All of our team have undergone our extensive Procleaners operation & customer service training. We have a team more than 20 experience workers

Our years of hardwork in cleaning industry have given us a clear understanding on customer/client need & professional delivery.

As a certified franchaisee of Procleaners, we are working closely with government agencies in ensuring the best cleaning quality & service.

Our Standard Operation Procedure [SOP] will protect the security & belongings of both customer & Procleaners team.

Procleaners had wide cleaning service coverage in Malaysia.

"Professional services provided by Procleaners team! Highly recommended!" —gabriellai

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