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A Queue Management System, (QMS) is an intelligent system with a more structured, automated system that is designed to manage queues and customers flow in various situations and locations in a queue. In other word, QMS is meant to prevent the formation of queues altogether. especially during this pandemic social distancing. Custronics Queue System | #CQS | Basic Queue System | #BQS | Automatic Queue System | #AQS | Queue Management System | #QMS

How Stuff Works :
If you’ve ever been to a bank / Pos office you might have seen one of those touch screen terminals which print a piece of paper with a number. As soon as you see your number pop up on the Screen that means that it’s already your turn. This is one of the most common forms of queue management systems, which usually work on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis. In this case, customers are served in the order of arrival, and whoever waits for the longest is served first.

Devices: Plug & Play
Main Touch Screen for service counter, with a Custronics Thermal printer. and this system able to connect up to 10x Wireless numeric keypad. within 100ft from the main router. You may connect to TV, projector or LED screen via the HDMI splitter.

COVID19 Queue management system solution. Visitors choose the type of vaccine via service keypad, and our Custronics bar code thermal printer will print it out the queuing number, current number, how many person in front of you, time, and date. Wait for your turn patient until the service counter call your number.

To be one of the most #reliable and #innovative #Electronics #Solution #provider with #continuously #improving #environment.

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