by Yam Mun 4 days

"Reasonable price"

Atifathi replied 4 days ago


by alex 12 days

"puntual, neat & tidy"

Atifathi replied 12 days ago

"Tnx sir your good review for us tnx again 🙏"

by Jin 14 days


Atifathi replied 14 days ago

"Tnx sir 🙏😀"

by Hasan Fahmi 26 days

"Come in, realize bring different model, go back out to buy immediately, come back later, replace the faulty model with new ones, ask if needed extra inspection, clean the working area after finish, give us business card without promptly, say farewell with a smile. Definitely recommended."

Atifathi replied 26 days ago

"Thanks sir for sporting us 😀"

by Nicholas about 1 month

"Atif and mate are very professional and solve my issue within 2 hours.. very good "

Atifathi replied about 1 month ago

"Thank you sir .😀"

by YK about 2 months

"Very skillful on electrical jobs and good 'wrap-up' at the end as he make sure client is happy with his works before ask for payment.

Even I had cut down the earlier requests, he still very committed to finished them nicely. Thanks."

Atifathi replied about 2 months ago

"Thanks sir we r also Happy doing good job with our great coutumer. Tnx sir sporting us😀"

by Lim 2 months

"Mr Atifatiq is very helpful and go extra miled to provide his support. Well done the the fixing job. Thank you!"

Atifathi replied about 2 months ago

"Thanks sir yours grart also. Thanks again for spouting us."