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RayEoh Photography was founded and lead by Ray Eoh, who is a passionate photographer that takes joy in capturing everyone’s joyous moments and placing these memories on photographs. Placing Memories on Photographs, RayEoh Photography aims at providing couples or families with their very own collections of momentous phases in life to keep or to share with love ones.

RayEoh Photography provides a variety of photography services mainly pre-wedding portraiture, actual wedding day photojournalism and portraits, and many others. Our photography styles incline towards dramatic and contemporary styles that generate the feelings of warmth and tenderness on your photographs. So be sure to check out RayEoh Photography past works and various samples at our Galleries.

If you would like to view more samples work of RayEoh Photography that are not featured on this site, or if you are looking for photographers to place your memories on photographs, be sure to contact us through any of the following channels.

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