Kean Leng

I had engaged this contractor to perform paint works for my condo. My challenge to them was to complete the works within 1.5 working days, and, after coming over to assess other misc works, to quote me the best and affordable solution towards such misc works.

Initially, I was forced to accept their target time of 2 working days instead: consuming a Friday and Monday, instead of Friday and half of Saturday. However, upon commencing work on the Friday, they had pushed forward to try to complete their main paint works as per my original preference of 1.5 days.

On the misc works, they had been open as to what works they are able to do, and which ones they are not able to. After some negotiation, some works just need a small top-up to the original quote. And for works which are beyond their scope, they were able to recommend another carpenter to solve my problem.

In short, although price-wise they may not be the lowest of low, but in terms of quality of work and expertise, the Renocare team had been able to perform. Looking back, if there were any gaps, I would say there was only the need to communicate expectations to each other better. I would still be willing to engage them again for future works.


Inexperienced, unprofessional and a liar. Talk a big game but cannot deliver.

We had to seek another contractor to redo the entire work.

Consider yourselves warned.


Your pro has ruined my house.

They are a cheat and a dishonest company.

I hope you will take actions to prevent the same from happening to other customers.

This has also tarnished your reputation for having companies such as them in your list.

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