Thanks Syezen for the beautiful make up. So blessed to have you and your team to completed my make up on my big day😘😘 super duper extremely in love with the results !!


Thanks S&Co. Artistry Bridal Studio for the make up! I really really love it and make me looks so natural. You make me looks so gorgeous with your professional skill. She is a perfectionist who always make sure the make up and hairdo were perfect done :)
Highly recommended!!


An excellent visual skill - she is gifted with a pair of eyes that can see thru your beauty.
A perfectionist - she will not let you go without you looking best. She will keep telling you she is too "yim jim''until the clients can't stand it sometimes :)
A pair of skillful b=hands - her hands can do wonders on your face with her drawing palette. To my surprise,it's my first time to experience a make-up that wouldn't melt easily but it's easy to be removed. I'm lucky to get her as my makeup artist as she has taught me a lot in exploring the beauty of myself. I hope you can still remember me when we bump into each other future. Wish you all the best in your future undertaking. Highly recommended her to all of you.

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