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The Urban Getaway Home

Located at the heart of the city, The Re:sident condo was designed as an oasis away from the hectic city life. It is designed to showcase the flexibility of the space, giving potential owners inspiration ideas of playful lifestyle for their brand new home.
Bold and vibrant colours accentuating each space along with whimsical decorative items bring life to the pop art concept featured at every corner of the building. A laidback mood is created through the arrangement of space and furniture.
Each space is given a pop of colour creating uniqueness in each room. A wall wrapped in green turf softens up the space while serving a dual purpose as sound insulation. Blackboard walls give the owner a chance to showcase their creativity as well as jot down important notes. The selection of furniture and decoration maintains the whimsical character of the whole unit.
The whole design concept of the building is meant to be an art piece, a sculpture of masterpiece. Every corner from the entrance to the lobby and onwards is an experience of being in a museo of art. It provides a lifestyle of refreshness and revitalize.